Tourist Visa to Thailand

Tourist Visa to Thailand

Every year, the Kingdom of Thailand has been continuously attracting millions of international tourists from all across the globe, making the Thai tourist visa a high demand in many countries. Thai tourist visa is issued to those who wish to enter Thailand for tourism purposes. This type of visa can be valid for either 3 or 6 months and visa holders are permitted to stay in the country, upon arrival, a period of not exceeding 60 days.

Furthermore, those who wish to extend their stay may file for an application for a 30-day extension at any immigration offices in Thailand. Visa extension fee is priced at THB1,900.

Tourist Visa Requirements

  • Passport or travel document with validity period of at least 6 months following the intended date of departure
  • Visa application form
  • Recent photograph (4 x 6cm)
  • Round trip flight tickets
  • Sufficient travel finances (at least 20,000 baht per person and 40,000 baht per family)

Note that consular officers may request for additional documents as deemed necessary. We advise that you contact the nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate on this matter.

And finally, make sure that you check which option is more applicable for your travel before plunging in with your application. Other alternatives that might be available for you may include visa exemption or visa on arrival to Thailand. Talk to us today if you want to know more about your options.


790 thoughts on “Tourist Visa to Thailand

  1. Hi
    I’m now in Bangkok with a STV and planning to extend. I have some questions.
    1. Where do I have to go to extend my Visa? The Embassy or the immigration office. I’m currently staying in Phra Khanong.
    2. Is it easy to do the Visa extension by myself or better to do it with an agent?
    3. My visa will expire by the end of September. Should I run the extension process from now on?
    4. It said we can’t extend the STV after September 2021. Does it mean I have to go back to my country after September? What can I do to continue staying here?

    1. Dear Khine,
      Good day.
      You have to extend your STV at the immigration office near you or in the province that you are living in. It’s easy to do the visa extension by yourself and you have to extend it before your visa expires 7-10 days.
      Right now for the STV, It can still extend after September 2021 by the COVID-19 Extension. I suggest you have to book an appointment online It’s better than walk-in to the immigration.
      Thank you.

  2. Hi Yord, thank you for the prompt response. May I ask if is there a possibility that I will be granted an extension if I renew again? I intend to apply for Smart S visa in the coming mid July as I’m still preparing for the proposal. Meanwhile my visa validity ends on 21st June, I’m afraid that the immigration officer might not renew my TR visa the second time. Would you be able to advise how I can proceed and what are the chances of renewing my visa?

    Thank you for your patience.

    1. Dear Stephen,
      Good day.
      You can renew your tourist visa twice (2 times) if you only renewed it 1 time you can still renew again. If you cannot renew I suggest you get a letter from your embassy so you can extend under COVID Extension.
      And also that it will depend on your nationality whether you can get the letter from the embassy as some embassies do not issue the letter anymore.
      Thank you.

  3. Hi, I’m on a Tourist Visa and have already extended my 30 days visa once but I’ve also signed a condo lease of 1 year. May I ask if this lease can help me extend a longer visa? Thank you!

    1. Dear Stephen,
      Good day.
      No, It cannot. Having a rental or lease has no bearing when it comes to visa matters in Thailand.
      Thank you.

  4. What are my chances of getting another visa extension after being able to extend my TR visa twice? Getting a flight out of Thailand is still a challenge. Today, i read that all flights for June and July are already closed and the next flight is in August. I was given 60 days visa extension on my second application due to COVID. My worry is Thai Immigration wouldn’t allow another extension.

    1. Dear Chris,
      Good day.
      Thai Immigration can still grant a visa extension.
      You should contact your embassy to get a letter of support saying that you cannot fly out of Thailand due to the covid-19 pandemic.
      Thank you.

  5. I am looking to extend my tourist visa for 6months and will be finishing up the 90 days soon. How will I go about processing the new tourist visa

    1. Dear Jay,
      Good day.
      To get a new Tourist Visa. It is not possible to get it inside Thailand.
      Your option is to get a 60-day COVID-19 extension from the local immigration office.
      Thank you.

  6. I am an Indian citizen and staying in Canada on tourist visa. my spouse has non-immigrant B visa and staying in Thailand. i would like to join my family as soon as ban on travel is lifted. i was told by Thai Embassy in Canada that i cannot apply for non-immigrant “o” visa from Canada. I will have to apply from India only. in COVID situation it is not advisable to travel to India for visa. is there any other way to obtain visa? alternatively, can i get 60 days tourist visa from Thai Embassy in Canada.

    1. The best thing to do is wait until you can return to India to obtain the Non immigrant O visa. because even though you can get a tourist visa in Thailand, you may not be able to enter Thailand as tourist soon. It may be until September or October of this year that a tourist can enter Thailand.

  7. Hello I’m a US Citizen I have already gotten a 30 day extension, but due to COVID-19 not able to leave now I need a extension

  8. I hold travel visa from Hong Kong to Thailand(Bangkok) for a leisure holiday however, due to the Covid-19 is getting worse my flight back to HONG KONG is canceled and I am now stuck in Bangkok. The reason why I’m emailing the immigration is because my Travel visa has expired on 1st April 2020 and I read about the new Thai PM announced that the Visa can be automatically extend due to Covid-19 which means we do not need to visit immigration and we are authorized to be staying in Thailand. Moreover, I just want to make sure if this is correct information cause I don’t want be commit crime so would you please explain to me if this is the way to do it. Thanks

    1. Yes, if you did not apply for an extension, you are automatic extended and permitted to stay until April 30. If you applied for extension, then you are permitted to stay until the date in your visa extension stamp, if that date is beyond April 30.

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