If you live in Phuket then you can contact the Phuket office of Thai immigration. We have listed their contact details below with their telephone number and address. Note that this office does not have the ability to change visas. That is they cannot change a tourist visa so you can apply for a work permit. That has to be done at the Head Office in Bangkok.

If you are living in Phuket and need a visa extension or the needed assistance for a retirement visa, marriage visa or business and work permit then contact our offices in Phuket for more assistance. Siam Legal in Phuket has been there for more than 7 years. Call us today or speak to us online for more assistance. Our offices in Phuket has excellent relations with the Thai Immigration department and will be able to assist you in criminal matters and visa overstay issues.

Address: 482 Phuket Road
Phuket 83000 Thailand
Tel: (66) 076.221.905
076.340.477, Patong Branch
Fax: (66) 076.212.108
Email: info@phuketimmigration.com


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  1. Pooja says:

    Dear Sir/Madame,

    Greetings of the day.

    I am currently in Thailand(Phuket) with a visa of B-Non immigrant Visa for double entry for an internship.

    Actually, the visa for the first 3 months are about to expire by the 6th of September 2015.(Date of entry : 09.06.15)I would like to know how should I proceed to renew it so that I can complete my internship.Please note that I also have the work permit.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Warm Regards,

    • Consultant Consultant says:

      The same institution who has provided you with the documents when you first applied for your Non immigrant B visa will be the one to assist you if you wish to apply for the same type of visa. Therefore, we advise that you coordinate with your company or institution to help you with your concern.

  2. Justin says:

    I have a non B visa which expires on the 30th October
    I have just received my work permit and I am needing to go to Singapore next week for business purposes what do I need to do to get a multiple re-entry visa

    How do I extend my non B to a 1 year visa and then obtain a multiple entry visa

    thank you

    • Consultant Consultant says:

      You will need to apply for the visa extension either at the immigration office in Thailand or at the Thai Embassy in your home country (or also in a neighboring country of Thailand). It is best that you coordinate with your Thai company or employer on this matter as the requirements for the visa extension will be provided by them.

  3. Oddvar Magne Berge, Norway says:


    Want to get answers to the following questions?
    I have arrived and have holiday in Patong Beach.
    I’m from Norway and has a visa of 60 days, which runs out 08.desember 2015.
    Can I come to your office in Phuket at 08.desember 2015, to get an extension of 30 days in my passport?
    What do I need of documents to get visa extended by 30 days?
    Hoping for speedy reply!

    With best regards
    Oddvar Magne Berge

  4. Bradley owen says:

    Hi, I’m in thailand for 6 months on a ED visa, after three months I will have to get a visa extension for the rest of my stay here, I have been asked to produce a registration of residents of where I am staying in phuket patong, however the place I am staying will not give me the required photo copied document need for the registration, I have already paid them fr my whole time stay here and they won’t register me to the Immagration office, what can I do to resolve this? I don’t want to have to leave thailand after just three months cause I still have school until the 29th of march and i will be losing all the money I gave the hotel to rent there until then, please help?

    • Consultant Consultant says:

      It is best that you check with your school on how they can help you with your situation. You might want to check with them also if a border run trip is an option for you to get an extension to your ED visa.

  5. Georgie says:

    Hi there,

    I was just inquiring as to whether I am able to obtain a 30 day visa extension from my 30 day exemption visa that I received on arrival as an Australian citizen at your Immigration office? If this is possible, is 30 days the maximum length of time for an extension on this type of visa?


    • Consultant Consultant says:

      You may visit any immigration offices in Thailand to apply for a 30 days extension to your stay. This is the maximum duration that you can extend your visa.

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