Thailand Retirement Visa

Thai Retirement Visa

Thailand has over the years become a hot spot in Asia for retirement as the cost of living is low, crime levels are far lower than Europe or Spain and the weather is great most days of the year. Many people see Thailand as an excellent place for retirement. The Kingdom of Thailand has about 76 provinces which offer different attractions, cultures and experiences. It is for these reasons that many foreigners are drawn to retire in this country every year.

The application process for retirement visa in Thailand is pretty straightforward. Over the years, however, this has become a rather confusing subject to many due to the inconsistency in the immigration processes. Not only are the processes varying in the Thai Embassies and Consulates around the world but also with some rules in different immigration offices all across Thailand.

Consider the following guidelines if you wish to retire in Thailand.


  • The client must be at least 50 years of age or over during the time of the application.
  • The client must meet the financial requirement which could be any of the following:
    • Security deposit of 800,000 baht in a Thai bank; or
    • A monthly income or pension of 65,000 baht; or
    • A total of 800,000 baht combination of personal bank deposit and income or pension for the entire year.

Processing of Visa Application

There are at least two ways on how to get a visa to retire in Thailand:

  1. Application outside Thailand.

    A foreigner who meets the age requirement set by the Thai Embassy (in their country) can directly apply for the 1 Year Non-Immigrant OA visa from their home country. Application for this type of visa requires the applicant to submit a police clearance and medical certificate.

  2. Application inside Thailand

    Getting a 1 year visa extension inside Thailand based on retirement requires an initial application for a Non-Immigrant O visa. The Non-Immigrant O visa is usually applied at the Thai Embassy in the applicant’s home country, but it can also be obtained inside Thailand. However, the applicant must already meet the financial requirement if they wish to go with the latter.

    In addition, applicants of Non-immigrant O visa extension in Thailand must provide evidence of their address in Thailand. Processing of visa extension is done at the immigration office in the same area, or usually the one nearest to their location in case there is none in their city or province.

Renewal of Extension

Once the applicant has obtained a one year extension of stay based on retirement, the extension can be renewed every year within Thailand. The renewal application must be done prior to the expiration of the current visa. The procedure for renewal is the same as for the initial application, and therefore this should be an easier task for retirees who are able to obtain an extension before.


  1. Avatar

    I am staying with a Thai friend. How to have proof of residence?

    1. Consultant

      Depending on where you will be needing the proof of residence, you may present a letter of attestation regarding the foregoing provided by your friend and also document showing that he is legally residing in that address.

  2. Avatar

    Can 1 year extensions be renewed indefinitely?

    1. Consultant

      1 year visa, depending on the type or category, may only be extended to a maximum period of 1 year. For more information, please contact the nearest Immigration Office in your area.

  3. Avatar

    I have been quite sick. Is it possible to do the 90 day check in for a retirement visa? Can I do this online?

    1. Consultant

      Yes, you may do the 90-day reporting online. For information on the guidelines regarding the online reporting, you may visit the website below:

  4. Avatar

    Dear Sir: What do I have to do to register for my retirement visa? The 90 day check-in?

    1. Consultant

      Not sure what you meant by registering your retirement visa. But if your concern is about obtaining one, you will need to apply first for the 90-day non-immigrant O visa. For more information, please visit the website below:

  5. Avatar

    I am a British citizen living in Thailand and need to renew my retirement visa. Can you please advise me of all the documents, letters etc. that I need to take to the immigration office to renew my visa and get a multiple re-entry stamp in my passport.
    Thank you

    1. Consultant

      The requirements to renew your retirement visa is just the same as when you first applied for it. Basically, you will need to bring documents as proof of your sufficient finances (bank book, letter from the bank or income affidavit from your embassy), proof of your residence, photo and your valid passport. To get the multiple re-entry feature, you will just need to pay an extra THB 3,800 on top of the regular visa fee at the Immigration Office.

  6. Avatar

    Leduc JeanFrancois


    How soon before the expiration date can I apply for renewal of the retirement visa?
    Thank you.

    1. Consultant

      You may start the visa renewal application as early as 45 days before its expiration.

  7. Avatar

    Can I renew my retirement extension 45 days before expiry in Bangkok immigration
    I believe in Chiang Mai this is possible

    1. Consultant

      Yes, you may start the application for the 1 year Retirement Visa extension up to 45 days prior to the expiration of your Non-Immigrant O visa.

  8. Avatar

    Leduc JeanFrancois

    Thank you for your answer.
    Another question. I have never been asked for proof of residence but, to be on the safe side, I will get one for the next renewal. What kind of document can be presented as proof of residence: i live in a house which is under the name of my Thai partner? Would an electricity or telephone bill addressed to me Mbe sufficient?

    Thank you.

    1. Consultant

      It’s best if you can directly talk to someone from the Immigration Office regarding your concern on whether a phone or electricity bill would suffice. If they say no, then you will likely be required to present the house rental agreement or contract and a letter from your Thai partner indicating that she’s allowing you to live in the house. She might need to provide a signed copy of her Thai ID as well.

  9. Avatar

    Can I apply from Germany for a Retirement Visa when we are Canadians but live in Germany?

    1. Consultant

      Please contact the Thai Embassy in Germany to confirm whether or not they will accept and process your visa application.

  10. Avatar

    I have a retirement visa already but it is due for renewal soon. I have a letter from my pension provider showing that this is in excess of the 65,000 ฿ per month. Note that this in in GBPs paid offshore. I understand I need this verified by the British Embassy, is that sufficient to process the visa?

    1. Consultant

      As long as you can get an Affidavit of Income from your embassy of which amount is meeting the requirement for the retirement visa application, then that should suffice.

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