This is a listed of the more common questions people have about Thai visa applications and also mis-understandings with regards to the visa process and system. If you have any questions that has not been covered in this article then drop us an email for an answer or speak to us on the chat messenger.

There are a number of options when it comes to extending your Thai visa and this would depend on the type of visa you have in your passport. We will list the most common Thailand visa options and extension options. If you have any questions then ask us on the chat messenger or better yet walk into any of our offices in Thailand for assistance with your visa.

Visiting Thailand then you will be best served by getting a tourist visa. The visa on arrival rules have changed over the years. If you arrive via a land border you now only get 15 days however if you arrive by air then you obtain 30 days on arrival. See the listing of which nationals get 30 days and who obtains 15 days when arriving by plane.

If you are in Bangkok and need to have your visa extended such as a marriage visa or applying for a retirement visa then Bangkok immigration is where this will need to be done. Speak to our lawyers in Bangkok if you need assistance with immigration matters such as overstay or extending a Thai visa.

If you live in Phuket then you can contact the Phuket office of Thai immigration. We have listed their contact details below with their telephone number and address. Note that this office does not have the ability to change visas. That is they cannot change a tourist visa so you can apply for a work permit. That has to be done at the Head Office in Bangkok.