Thai Elite Visa

Thai Elite Visa

Thailand’s Privilege Entry Visa

Operated under Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited, which is the Ministry of Tourism and Sport’s subsidiary, this visa permits foreigners to reside in Thailand for a duration extending to a maximum of twenty years. This allows individuals to stay in the country without being expelled and is accompanied by a lot of distinct features and incentives like spa retreats and airport traveling facilities.

Since the Thai Elite Visa is available under different membership programs, its incentives can be accessed by a wide and diverse range of people. These are ideal for those looking forward to enjoying a long and uninterrupted stay in Thailand.

Living in Thailand

Known for its culture and high standard of living, Thailand is an ideal place to live. Not only is it one of the most infamous travel spots in SouthEast Asia, but it is also known to be the perfect place to launch successful businesses. Furthermore, living in Thailand is quite affordable and convenient as well; their cuisine appeals to all palettes, and their transportation mechanism is known for operating efficiently. In furtherance to this, quality and affordable healthcare is a prime incentive for those considering Thailand to be their permanent destination.

Thai Elite Visa Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criterion for the Thai Elite Visa is not overly complicated. It indicates that the applicants need to be competent in terms of the soundness of their mind and that they must have a foreign passport.

Additionally, they should be free from any bankruptcy claim, and they should not have been convicted of any offense that exceeds negligence in any state. This criterion further considers the applicants’ history to the extent that they should not have been recorded to have stayed in Thailand after their legitimate and permitted time period had expired; such a notion will prevent them from qualifying for this visa.

Membership Programs for the Thai Elite Visa

While there are a total of seven programs that vary according to their costs and attached benefits, there are certain programs that stand out:

  1. Elite Easy Access
    The cost of the Thai Elite Visa under this program is 600,000 Thai baht. This membership package does not require an annual fee. Its validity period stretches to five years, and there is no limitation as to the age of the applicant. It comes with the option of upgrading the Elite Ultimate Program.
  2. Elite Privilege Access
    With its membership lasting for 10 years, this Elite Visa remains valid for five years. It costs 1, 000,000 Thai baht, and it can also be renewed for five more years after the expiration of its validity period. There is no age limitation here, and an amount of 800,000 may be charged for an additional family member.
  3. Elite Superiority Extension
    A 20-year membership period is granted under this program. While it can be acquired for 1 million Thai baht, it does not require any yearly charges. Like the others, the visa in this category is valid for five years, after which an application for renewal can be filed to cover five more years.
  4. Elite Ultimate Privilege
    This allows a 20-year membership period, and it can be acquired for 2 million Thai baht. It also requires an annual fee of 20,000 Thai Baht. This Elite Visa remains valid for five years, after which it can be renewed for an additional five years. It requires members to be above the age of 20.

Thai Elite Visa Application

In order to get this visa, it is important for the applicant to ensure that they are eligible for it, and so the initial point of going through all your relevant documents is quite important. As far as the formal procedure is concerned, an applicant should know that they can acquire this visa from anywhere across the globe. They may launch their applications by referring to a Thai Elite Visa agent with their application form as well as a scanned copy of their valid passport.

It is important to know that the extensive procedure of background checks can stretch from 1 to 3 months. The purpose here is for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Bureau and Thailand Elite Office to exhaust all efforts while exercising due diligence.

Detailed Procedure

The next step concerns the membership fee. Provided that an approval letter has been granted, the applicant should then follow the given instructions on how to pay the fee of the Thai Elite Visa. Since this fee varies according to different membership packages, the amount may be between 500,000 Thai baht and 2,000,000 Thai baht. The applicant may pay the amount through online payment, or refer to a local or international bank in order to make the transfer successfully.

In the last step, the applicant may be accepted as a member. With this membership, he may proceed to acquire his visa. The applicant should know that the usual practice of receiving the Thai Elite visa after arriving in Thailand is no longer applicable owing to the travel restrictions imposed because of COVID-19. Instead, applicants may travel to Thailand under the cover of a Certificate of Entry granted by the Local Thai Embassy or Consulate. Moreover, the Thailand Privilege Card Co,, Ltd is shouldered with the responsibility of providing the applicant with a letter that can be used for applying for the Thai Elite Visa. For those member applicants who are already residing in Thailand, they have the option of approaching a Thai Elite agent, who will then issue the Thai Elite Visa at the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok after rescinding the original visa.


The Thai Elite Visa is a great option for those people who want to stay in one good place without being disturbed by the usual state policies that restrict an individual’s presence in their territory to a mere few months or years. Since Thailand is an amazing country, this visa gives holders an exceptional opportunity to access their world-class incentives. The visa process is also convenient, feasible, and easy to understand. Since multiple membership packages are available for selection, it is quite easy to come across the one that suits an individual’s unique needs and preferences.

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