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Embassy of Thailand

Immigration procedures are not consistent for all the provinces across Thailand. Each immigration office will implement government policies in their own way which creates varying applications processes among the different cities and provinces. Thai immigration requires that foreigners do the process their visa in the city where their address of residence is located.

If you are living in Bangkok and you wish to apply for a visa extension based on marriage, retirement, business or other categories, then you will need to go to any of the immigration offices in Bangkok (see table below for information on the addresses).

You may also contact our firm for assistance with your immigration and visa concerns. We offer a wide array of Thai immigration services in addition to other legal matters such as family law, property purchases, and litigation.

City/Province Office Contact Details
Bangkok Bangkok Chaeng Watthana Immigration Office Government Center (B), No. 120 Mu 3, Chaeng Watthana Soi 7, Thung Song Hong, Laksi, Bangkok 10210
Bangkok BOI One-Stop Service Center Chamchuri Square, Floor 18, 319 Phaya Thai Rd., Patumwan, Bangkok 10330
Bangkok Imperial World Lat Phrao Immigration Service Centre Imperial World Lat Phrao, 5th Floor, Lat Phrao Road
Bangkok Major Hollywood Suksawat Immigration Service Centre Major Hollywood Suksawat, 1st Floor, Suksawat Road, Rat Burana, Bangkok 10140


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  1. Dear Sir or Madam
    Good Morning

    I am a Pakistani national and interested to migrate & do business in Thailand.
    Kindly please would you like to update me for following mentioned questions, to take decision accordingly.
    • How much minimum liquid money will be required to start any small business in Thailand.
    • How we can get immigration / long term residence for me & my family ( Myself, wife & 2 Kids) & what will be period or total months / years & will it be extendable & how long.
    • Can we get nationality in future.
    • How much will be your consultancy charges for family immigration and business set up in Thailand.
    • How much will be total process time.
    • What documents will be required.
    I believe together we can do better, waiting for your kind support .
    Best Regard’s
    Zulfiqar Ali

    1. We have noted your concerns and have forwarded them to a Corporate Lawyer for further advise. Please provide us with your email address for future correspondence.

  2. Dear sir/madam

    If this is Bangkok Imperial World Lat Phrao immigration service centre, Imperial World Lat Phrao, 5th floor Lat Phrao road I will request you to please send me your email address and tel no. because I want to send you some message with attachments about Ocean5 Shipping and Trading Co., Ltd Bangkok and Shri Cahaya Services Sdn. Bhd. (965785-W). About their getting the seaman visa with fake letters for seaman joining vessel in Bangkok, Pattaya. They are the biggest cheater and fraud persons and they have taken from me is USD 1300/- for giving job to deck cadet for joining ship MV Avra. I want to let you know about them but that is all in the attachments. Here i cannot attach anything.

    Thanks and best regards,

    ps chauhan
    9322774076 Mumbai, India.

    1. You may send your email and any attachment to However, if you wish to report any fraudulent activity by a company without the need for engaging assistance from a lawyer, we advise that you contact the Thai authority in this regard.

  3. hi,i have my own company in thai
    and i have my work permit form 22nd september 2015
    and i have all the documents for apply the visa
    i got the single entry non-b visa from the thai embassy in malaysia
    so can i apply the multiple entry visa from the immigration?

    1. Yes, you may apply for an extension to your non-immigrant B visa at the immigration office in Thailand. Please coordinate with your Thai company or employer for the preparation of your requirements.

  4. I’m a German and marriage with a Thai women. Our daughter is 4 years old and is a Thai citizen. We arrived Thailand on 12 October 2015 and we leave Thailand on 14 Nov 2015. My Visa is only valid until 11 November 2015 and we could not get an earlier return ticket. I will have 3 days Overstay. We plan to do a tour on 9 Nov to Cambodia for a day trip. Will this Release me from overstay?

    1. Since you are making a trip to Cambodia on November 9 which is 2 days earlier than the validity date of your stay (Nov. 11), you should not be worried about overstaying. When you return back from Cambodia, you will be permitted to stay in Thailand for another 30 days.

  5. Sorry these questions seem disjointed, but I wanted to lay them all out in one posting to get the main picture in one piece.

    I applied for a Thai Visa in my home country before leaving. I asked for a visa to get medical procedures (dental) done at an international clinic, but at the same time, I asked if I could be allowed to look and apply for a job to teach English–but not work, just apply–with the visa I was issued. I was given a non-immigrant multi-entry O visa. I have not found much information about people getting O visas. It took about six weeks to get all of the medical work done and now it is done. I have a BA degree in education and a TEFL, but no documented experience teaching English, so that might be the reason I am not getting many offers. Also, I will be 58 years old next month (December). That might be another reason why they are ignoring the resumes I have sent. I actually want the experience of teaching in a government school for one year, knowing it pays lower, for it is the experience I am seeking. I am not too keen on working at a private school.

    If an employer hires me, would they be able to get me a work permit while I have an O visa?

    Would I be able to change the multi-entry O to a multi-entry B?

    I paid $200 for the O-M. Will I have to pay the same amount again to change it to a B?

    I do not have any Thai relatives nor spouse. I have been staying in Bangkok since September 17, 2015, and the visa was issued on September 7, 2015. December 7 is ‘right around the corner’ and I am anxious to know: Should I get it done before 90 days after September 7 or before 90 days after September 17?

    Ten-day leeway there.

    Do I have to leave the country to do it? From Bangkok, going to cross a border is probably more problematic and costly than flying round-trip same-day or next-day return, I think.

    Holding an O visa, can I get a work permit for a long-term 6 month or more volunteer position?

    Is there any way to get a paid job to balance out the cost of volunteering during the time I am a volunteer?

    Thank you very much for reading and offering any advice or suggestions in this.


    1. You will need to apply for a non-immigrant B visa if you wish to apply for a work permit. In changing your visa from category O to B (Business), you will need to lodge the application at the Thai Embassy outside Thailand. The cost of non-immigrant B visa application is around THB 5,000, not including any other expenses for the trip. When you are finally ready to sign a job contract to work in Thailand, that’s the time that you would need to apply for the non-immigrant B visa. Your employer (school) should be the one to advise you on this matter.

      In regard to volunteering in Thailand, not all organization can assist with work permit application, so you might want to check with them first on how they can assist you in applying for proper documents. Your chance of finding a job while volunteering in Thailand will completely depend on you.

  6. I have a child with my girlfriend in Bua Lamphu, Isaan. He is one year old. I want to stay with my child and girlfriend. Can I apply for a marriage visa? We are planning to marry when our child is two years.

    So yes what are the requirements?

  7. Sawadeekhrap!

    I was on a tourist visa for 2 months and then extended it for an extra month at the immigration. I’m now at the end of it. What are my options in order to stay longer in the country ?

    Thank you very much.

    1. You must leave Thailand to avoid overstaying. You can travel to a nearby country and apply for a new visa at the Thai embassy in that country. The type of visa you need to obtain will depend on the purpose of your visit to Thailand.

  8. I have applied for visa on arrival online and printed the document. Where and how am i supposed to sticky photograph on the application? What is the procedure?

    1. You will be advised further on the process when you arrive at the airport in Thailand. Just make sure to bring the printed form and photo with you.

  9. I have a 15-day visa expiring on 24th and have a flight on 25. Immigration officer did not ask me to make changes on my return but don’t wanna take chances. When and how much time will it take to get a day extension?

    1. If you have entered Thailand on a Visa on Arrival, unfortunately it’s unlikely that you will be allowed to get an extension to your visa unless your reason for doing so has something to do with medical or health reasons. Before they’ll allow you to board your plane on the 25th, you will just be required to pay the overstay fine of 500 baht.

  10. I have a 30 day visa which was issued on arrival. I entered on my australian passport but am a dual citizen (I hold a Thai passport and ID card). Im doing volunteer work and am planning to stay in Thailand another 20 days. Is it possibly to extend my visa or switch to my Thai citizenship?

    1. You could have used your Thai passport instead when you entered Thailand. Since you have a Thai passport and a Thai ID, you are not required for a visa when you enter Thailand because, basically, you are a citizen. However, since you have used your Australian passport, you will need to apply for an extension at the immigration office in order for you to stay for a longer period. Also, you will need to obtain a visa that’s appropriate for your travel (as a volunteer worker). As an option, you can exit Thailand and then re-enter using your Thai passport to avoid the hassle of having to apply for a visa as a volunteer worker.

  11. My neighbor looks very strange and I think he is illegally live here in Bangkok. To whom I can apply? I’m afraid for my children.

    1. To report any illegalities involving a foreigner who is unlawfully living in Thailand, we advise that you go to the nearest immigration office in your area.

  12. Hello, my wife and myself are Australian and traveling by motorcycle. We will be crossing from Cambodia soon at Ban Hat Lek but would like more than 15 days visa can we get 30 days at the border land crossing or can we get an extension somewhere, Pattaya perhaps?

    1. When you enter Thailand via land border travel, you will be given 15 days stamp at the airport which can be extended for another 7 days at any immigration office. If you wish to stay longer, then you will need to exit and re-enter Thailand.

  13. Hello,

    I’m an American with a Tourist Visa in Bangkok. I would like to apply for extension. What documents would I need to bring to immigration with me?

    Thank you.

  14. My husband and I had plans to fly to India from Bangkok but cannot get a visa. Therefore, we would like to spend longer in Thailand, but before we cancel our flights to make other travel arrangements we would like to know if we can get a 30 day extension. We are Australian and have a double entry tourist visa which expires 17/3/2016. Is this possible

  15. I am holder of Myanmar passport (visiting visa), I got a job in can I apply Non B visa in Bankok or do I have to go back to Thailand embassy in Yangon.

    1. If this is your first time to apply for the Non-immigrant B visa, then you will likely be required to go to the Thai Embassy outside Thailand for the visa application. Please check with your company on how they can assist you further with this.

  16. Hi, I’m holding a Malaysian passport. I enter Thailand with tourist visa. I enrolled in some study courses and the institute will provide me acceptance letters so that I can apply for non-immigrant education visa. I wonder if I have to leave Thailand to apply for the visa? Can I apply for it in Bangkok?

    Thank you.

    1. Yes, you will be required to lodge your ED visa application at the Thai Embassy from your home country.

  17. Hi, I’m looking into extended my tourist visa for 7 days and was wondering what kind of documents I would need. Or if I just need my passport with my current visa?


    1. In applying for the extension, you will need to bring your passport, 2 passport-size photo and THB 1,900 extension fee.

  18. Hi, I’m a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Have issued visa for two mouths (date of issue 17. February 2016.) and I entered the country in 26. February. I’m planning to stay until 25. March and afterwards I will be out of the county for approximately 40 days (not in my resident county). I’m planning to come back to Thailand until 25 of May. Do I need to extend my visa, since I will not be in the county for more than two months in total, but 60 days since I’ve entered will pass? If so, can I do it before leaving the country?

    1. You do not need to extend your visa. You need to get another tourist visa issued by the Thai embassy. You may re-apply for a new tourist visa at the same Thai embassy or consulate where you obtained your previous tourist visa.

  19. To whom it may concern:
    Please give me an advise, my 2 children were born here and now studying here in Pratum 1 and Pratum 2. I am teaching in the same school where they study. We went back to Philippines last year but they didnt extend their visa as some people said there’s no need because I, (their mother) has yearly visa as a teacher. So now I want to know your advise because here in your website has remark and it said this rule is not applied to allien who departs the country the age below 18 years old. Please clear it to me.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Your children, since they were born in Thailand, were not required to apply for a visa to continue their stay inside the Kingdom until they reach the age of 18. However, once they leave Thailand, they would be required to apply for a visa to re-enter the country. Generally speaking, all foreigners, regardless of their age, are required to obtain a proper visa to enter Thailand for any purpose other than tourism and if staying for an extended period of time.

  20. Hi, I am a German citizen and will visit Thailand after visiting Ankor. I will enter Thailand via land way. I did read the maximum stay is 15 days. However my flight to Germany will be after 18 days. Can I get a 30 day visa at Aranyaprathet?

    1. For German nationals, as part of G7 countries, you will be given 30 days visa exemption at land borders, sea ports and airports.

  21. Hi there,

    I have a Canadian passport and have received a 30 day entry visa upon arrival. It will be expiring April 5th but I will be in the country until April 22.
    What do I need to extend this and can I do this in advance? I will not be near an immigration center in April.

    1. You are able to extend this 30-day stamp for another 30 days at the local immigration office. For the extension, you just have to submit one passport size photo (4cm x 6cm) with white background and pay the fee of 1,900 Thai baht.

  22. I have a Canadian passport and have received a 30 day entry visa upon arrival. It will be expiring Mar 23th but I will be in the country until at at least May 5. For the first 30 day extension, I’m told I just have to submit one passport size photo (4cm x 6cm) with white background and pay the fee of 1,900 Thai baht. Is it the same if I want to extend another 30 days? Does it change after a certain period of time? Thanks.

    1. You are able to extend this 30-day visa exemption stamp for another 30 days at the local immigration office. For the extension, you just have to submit one passport size photo (4cm x 6cm) with white background and pay the fee of 1,900 Thai baht. If this extension is not enough, I suggest for you to do a border run so that you get a new 30-day entry stamp.

  23. Hello

    Me and my girlfriend are in Thailand on a 60-day tourist visa. But our plane back home is departing on the 62nd day, so we are overstaying with 2 days. Our plane tickets can’t be changed.

    So what do we need to bring to the Immigration Office to get an extension of our visa?

    Kind regards

    1. You may bring with you your passport, the return ticket, passport-size photo, fee of THB 1,900 per person and perhaps proof of your residence or place where you’re staying in Thailand.

  24. Dear Sir,

    I am Indian and working in Thailand reputed company. My family (Mom) member is planing to visit to me in Thailand for 60 days and return back to India within 60 days.
    So please advice me which visa shall they required ?

    Thank you

    1. Your mom may apply for a tourist visa at the nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate to her home town in India. For more information, please contact directly the Thai Embassy.

  25. Hi,

    My fiance lives in Bangkok and works in Amnuay Silpa Bilingual School as a geography and history teacher. I was seeing her last October and will come back in July and October of this current year, when she has her school holidays.

    I’m from Colombia and last time I got my Thai visa (August 2015) I paid 40 USD for 3 months, it was in Costa Rica. Now I’m in Bogota and today I contacted the consulate but they said that the 3 months visa will cost 80 USD or the 6 months will cost 170 USD, more than double price than last year.

    My question is, would it be possible to get a one year visa, or something like that? Because I will keep going back to see my fiance, but I don’t want to be paying 80 USD or 170 USD every 3 or six months.

    I hope you can help me out with this.

    Sincerely thanks.

    1. You may only apply for a 1-year visa when you meet the qualifications or requirements for a particular type of visa. For further information in this regard, please contact the Thai Embassy or Consulate near your area.

  26. Hello, I currently have a 60 day visa which expires on May 20. If I want to extend this visa, I can do so at an immigration office in Bangkok right? But can I do this before May 20? And will the visa still be valid another 30 days counting from May 20? Or will I have to do it only a few days before?

    1. You will need to extend your visa at the nearest Immigration Office where you are staying in Thailand. As regards the date when you can apply for the extension, you may start the application as early as 15 days before its expiration. The duration of visa extension will depend on your nationality, so you may get 30 days or less.

  27. I am married to a thai national. I currently have a 60 day tourist visa. It has been extended for 60 days. Can I change it to a marriage visa. I am living in loei. Do I have to leave the country?

    1. Kindly contact the immigration office in Loei at telephone number 042821284​ ​to inquire if they are able to assist you with changing your visa to a marriage visa.

  28. Hello;

    I have a Turkish passport and I would like to immigrate to Thailand. What kind of processes can I take?

    Thank you

    1. Kindly contact the Thai embassy in your location for the best visa option available to you based on your purpose of travel to Thailand.

  29. Hi, I am wondering how I go about extending my 60 day visa to 90 days I am in Nong Song Hong, Khon Kaen. I’m wondering how long before the visa runs out can I extend it?

    1. You may apply for an extension for up to 30 days at the Immigration office in Khon Kaen. Please refer to their information below.

      Address: Mittraphap Road, Amphoe Mueang
      Changwat Khonkaen
      ​Telephone: 0-4346-5242
      Email address: ​

  30. I need extend my visa this week. I am a student and my dormitory already registered for me online about certify my address. So do I need to bring anything like dormitory contract copy?

    1. Kindly contact the local immigration office in your location to inquire about the requirements needed for a visa extension based on your purpose of stay in Thailand.

  31. Hi Am Malaysian. I am in Thailand now. I got 1 month visa for free visa and my visa will finish 13 July 2016. I want deliver my baby here. My due date is 20 July 2016. I already register in one hospital for follow the check up. Can you can help me how I want extend my visa with my condition now?

    1. You may visit a local immigration office in Thailand to check if you will be able to apply for an extension of temporary stay or change of visa based on your purpose.

  32. Hi, I live in Khon Kaen district. Can I get a thirty day extension here for a 60 day tourist visa or do I have to come to Bangkok?

  33. I am 20 years old Egyptian. I got single entry visa from Thai embassy in Egypt. What are the procedures should I follow to upgrade my visa to “double entry”?
    Note: embassy in Cairo give only single entry visa.

    1. The double entry tourist visa is no longer available. Should you need to exit Thailand within the period provided on your visa, you can apply for a re-entry permit at the immigration office in Thailand.

  34. Hi,
    I am indian passport holder. I have 1 and half empty page left in my passport and I would like to visit Bangkok for 2 days. Can i still get my VISA ON ARRIVAL on my 1 and half page.

    Many thanks

    1. As long as there is space on your passport for the visa (1 whole page), the entry stamp and exit stamp, then you can apply for the Visa on Arrival.

  35. I and my mother are British Citizens, they stamp our passports with 28 days entry at the airport 10 days ago. We want to apply for 6 months multiple visa. How can we do this? We are staying in Bangkok in condo. Thank you

    1. Kindly contact the Thai embassy in your home country regarding the 6-month Multi Entry Tourist Visa. Below are the contact details for your reference.

      Royal Thai Embassy, London
      Address: Royal Thai Embassy, 29-30 Queen’s Gate, London, SW7 5JB
      Tel: 0207 589 2944 Ext. 5500 between 14.00-17.00hrs.
      Email: (visa matters)

  36. My visa type is non-immigrant RS type (multiple entry). Each time I can get a permission to stay 3 months. This time it will be over on 27 July. But I haven’t finished my research and I want to extend my stay in Thailand without going out and come back again. Is it possilbe within these days.? Please kindly give me some suggestion. Thank you.

    1. Kindly get in touch with a local immigration office near your current residence in Thailand to inquire about extending your visa.

  37. Hi, I’m from Poland and have been in Thailand on [extended] tourist visa since 12th May – the 30 day extension expires on 10th August. I’m considering relocating here. How can I extend my visa / apply for visa I can renew on regular basis? Thank you!

    1. The visa issued to you will depend on the purpose of your stay in Thailand. I would suggest that you get in contact with the Thai embassy or consulate in your home country to discuss the applicable visa for you, as well as the requirements and procedures.

  38. Hi, i am student from Mahidol coming from Myanmar. My visa will expire at November, as granted student visa for one year. I’ll go back Myanmar this September and come back at January. So how can I do to get visa extension for another one year coz my study still not finish? Thanks.

    1. You may contact an immigration office in Bangkok about extending your current visa. Please refer below to the offices where you can inquire.

      1. Major Hollywood Suksa, 1st Floor, Suksawat Road, Ratburana, Bangkok
        Open since 1 May, 2013
        Tel.: 0-2463-2040, 0-2463-2044-6
      2. Imperial World Ladprao, 5 Floor, Ladprao Road, Wang Tong Lang, Bangkok
        Open since 20 May, 2013
        Tel.: 0-2530-4535-6​ ​and ​0-2530-4660-1

      Service time Mon-Fri 10:30 – 18:30 Closed on OFFICIAL HOLIDAYS

  39. Hi, I want to ask about pre extension period before education visa expires. My visa will expire at November. Can I extend at September? I’ll go back Myanmar at September and come back in January. If not, can I extend my student visa at Thailand embassy from Myanmar for one year with university recommendation? Thanks

    1. You may contact the ​immigration office near your current place of residence in Thailand to check on the timelines of your visa extension.

      You may also contact the Thai embassy in Yangon to inquire about their requirements if you decide to apply for a 1-year student visa.

      ​Address: ​No.94, Pyay Road,
      Dagon Township Yangon
      The Republic of The Union of Myanmar
      Tel​:​ (951) 222-784,226-721,226-728

  40. Hi, I’m leaving to Thailand the coming weekend, and I have slight of a problem in my 11 year old daughter’s passport , it expires in 5 and half months when Thailand Visa requires 6 months . So we will be there only for a week and we have the itenary for an out flight too booked already. And my wife and my younger son have visas already taken from the embassy in India. So will there be any problem on arrival for visa for my daughter ??

    P.s. renewing her passport now is currently not possible , they will take days and i tried enough cause I am traveling in 4 days!

    1. The immigration officer at the airport may deny a visa on arrival application if the applicant does not meet the requirements for this visa. You may explain this concern to the officer but it cannot be guaranteed that they will make an exception.

  41. Hello, I spent this summer traveling around SE Asia and I have booked my flight back to Europe from Bangkok on 27.8.2016. I crossed the border with Cambodia on the 8.8.2016 and I am eligible to stay until 22.8.2016. Is it the ay to extend it? because my flight is 5 days later. I thought that I would get the 30 days permit on arrival but I got only 15 days instead.

    1. You can visit an immigration office near your current residence to apply for a 7-day extension based on the current entry stamp provided to you.

  42. Hello, please tell me where I can find out the destiny of man, arrested for overdue visa? to whom I have to address?

    1. If the man has been arrested for overstay, you may check with the Royal Thai Police Immigration Detention Center.

  43. I’ve applied to renew my passport which will arrive in 4-6 weeks time. My 30-day tourist visa expires in 2 weeks on my old passport. I cannot leave the country with this passport. What can I do to avoid overstay?

    1. You are able to extend this 30-day visa exemption stamp for another 30 days at the local immigration office. For the extension, you just have to submit one passport size photo (4cm x 6cm) with white background and pay the fee of 1,900 Thai baht.

  44. Hi, I currently just have a 30 day tourist visa and need to extend it by 7 days. Is this possible, or do I have to pay for a full 30 day extension?

    1. Whether you only need 7 days or the full 30 days, the immigration fee for the visa extension is 1,900 baht.

    1. You may apply for a multiple re-entry permit at an immigration office in Thailand for 3,800 THB. However, if you need to extend this to a longer duration business visa, you must meet the requirements of the immigration office. You may contact them for more information about the visa extension.

    1. She can visit an immigration office in her location in Thailand to apply for an extension of her 30-day stamp.

  45. Hi, I have a work permit already dated July 5,2016 – July 4,2017. My NON-B visa expires this SEPTEMBER 28,2016 and I cannot fie for 1 year extension because the accounting are still waiting for the release of SOCIAL SECURITY INSURANCE. In short I don’t have papers to file for extension yet. Temporarily I went out to Laos for tourist visa which expires this NOV 25,2016.

    My question is, do I need to file again for WP3, NON-B, even though I already have a working permit? Or I can file directly for 1 year extension as soon as the accounting staff receive the papers needed in filling 1 year extension?

    Please advice thanks

    1. You will need to apply for a 90-day Non Immigrant B visa again and then apply for an extension once you are in Thailand based on the same work permit that you currently have.

  46. Dear Sir,

    I would like to inquire that if I am a Malaysian who is travelling in Thailand and wish to go to Cambodia, do I need a re-entry visa if I were to enter Thailand from Cambodia? Kindly enlighten me the necessary information or trusted link if re-entry visa is needed.


    1. No, you can enter on visa exemption for a maximum of 15 days if you enter by land, or 30 days if you enter by air.

  47. Greetings,

    I’m an Indian passport holder. I got a 15 days tourist visa on arrival from 28 September until 12 October. I wish to stay in Thailand( Bangkok) for another 10 days more until 22 October. Please advise which of the above mentioned offices I can get my visa extension done and how much time does this approximately take.

    1. A visa on arrival cannot be extended further than the period provided. You will need to exit Thailand before your visa on arrival expires and then re-enter and apply for another visa on arrival if you wish to stay longer.

  48. Dear all,
    Hi, may I get some information regarding Thai Visa? Recently, I hold non-immigrant and it will be extended again 29 Oct 2016. So can I go to do it before or after one week during the deadline?

    Best Regards,

    1. Generally, visa extensions must be done within the last 30 days of the validity. You must not wait until after the deadline as your visa can no longer be extended once it has expired.

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