COVID-19 Travel Insurance Thailand

COVID-19 Travel Insurance Thailand

COVID 19 Insurance for Thailand

Do you plan on traveling to or from Thailand? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will be discussing what the COVID-19 travel insurance policy to Thailand is and how can one travel to and from Thailand in such a situation. We have seen that countries all around the world put a ban on travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. As COVID-19 has spread and closed borders for a significantly long time, countries are slowly reopening their borders and loosening the restrictions that were placed as safeguards due to the pandemic. Due to the shift towards reopening borders and creating ease for traveling, Thailand is one of the countries that is partaking in reopening its borders for its visitors. This has some caveats attached as COVID-19 is still an issue and must be acknowledged when considering to open borders or increase ease in traveling.

Requirements to consider

Thailand policies include COVID-19 insurance which covers travelers for at least $20,000 which is in addition to other formalities that travelers must cover to obtain a Thailand Pass. These include a valid visa and the insurance for COVID-19 to limit any potential threat of being exposed to the virus and sustain it without facilitating further spread. These requirements do not consider COVID-19 tests as these are a requirement of the airlines to obtain, prior to travel. Additionally, Thai immigration staff is quite stringent and generally prefers to obtain documentation from a selected few providers as ensuring adherence to legislative policies is necessary and this can be achieved through a low number of elective options. A positive side to this is that Thailand hosts easily purchasable policies online which give plenty of opportunity to travelers in terms of access. This does seem like a profitable step but due to reasonable pricing, it is justifiable.

What is the COVID-19 Travel Insurance Policy?

After assessing the various policies and regulations that revolve around the COVID-19 pandemic and travelers, the question arises regarding what the COVID-19 insurance coverage is specifically. Basically, the COVID-19 insurance covers costs of isolation, quarantine, testing, and treatment, as travelers are susceptible to contracting the virus and have the potential of being contaminated. This insurance also covers potential serious cases that require significant medical attention. Ultimately, the certificate of insurance needs to be shown to prove that one has coverage and adheres to the requirements otherwise entry will not be granted, according to the requirements of the country.

According to the article published by the Bangkok Post, all visitors need insurance to enter Thailand. Due to the scope of the insurance and what it covers, it is an effective safeguard in addressing the ongoing pandemic, not only for Thailand but for all countries of the world, which are taking precautionary measures for future initiatives. The ongoing pandemic has led towards the requirement for ‘fit to fly’ documentation that assesses reason for traveling, health status, and other underlying concerns that are deemed significant for the current situation. The requirement for medical expenses being arranged in case exposure to COVID-19 occurs is a significant consideration that has been undergone whilst making the insurance requirement mandatory for country visitors.

The second aspect which arises as a concern is how expensive the insurance is, as it covers at least $20,000 worth of expenses related to treatment and other facilities that may be required upon contracting the viral disease. It is an additional expense and burden for those that are traveling to the country, as it is an additional requirement that did not exist as a compulsion before. The interest premiums on this insurance are expected to be around 3,500 Thai baht for a 30-day policy, which is the preferred time for most travelers. For tourists and non-immigrants, the visa application can include 90-day insurance coverage which costs around 8,000 baht, which considering the risk that it addresses, is relatively affordable. In addition, the insurance is also quite accessible and the process does not take more than 10 minutes, provided all documentation is available.


Conclusively, the world is changing due to the pandemic as further events that are similar must be considered with the passage of time. The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 will not finish soon and after-effects will continue to occur. Due to this, the steps that regulatory bodies and different associations take regarding publishing policies or attaching requirements are not short-term and will be abided by for quite some time, assessing the nature of the situation. Adding additional features of the requirements for travelers to fulfill only helps address the current situation and adds an obstacle in the way of increasing numbers of COVID-19 victims. With the addition of requirements that pose additional costs, these act as a measure to discourage traveling if it Is not absolutely necessary, limiting people from unnecessary traveling and facilitation for the spread of COVID-19. This ensures that only those who require a traveler have the facility to travel with the ease of being protected by insurance that covers potential concerns.

Lastly, undertaking methods like the insurance for traveling during the pandemic, which is facilitated by active legislation and ease of access, can serve as a great basis for strengthening a country’s control systems and business capabilities, whilst also accounting for the necessary standards of protocol for the pandemic that acts as a defensive measure regarding the spread of the disease through travelers.

Now that you know everything about the COVID-19 travel insurance policy, so what are you waiting for? Make your travel plans with your loved ones and have an incredible time with them. We are aware of how the COVID-19 pandemic has left a negative impact on everyone and most people are depressed, so going out on a vacation would definitely feel good.

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